Between Columns

Between Columns


The proposal of the Center of Coalition for Humane Immigrant Rights in Los Angeles is about the rotating, inserting and stacking of different sizes of masses.


There are 70 round steel columns in this building, and the distance between them is mostly 12 feet. People always walk through the dense columns spaces like pavilion, as well as walking along a wall. In that, dense columns are not only a participant in structure, but also an implication of partitions between spaces. However, columns are more open, free and visible, but also provide some privacy and feeling of safety. In that, programs in this building are mainly organized by column-defined spaces instead of walls.


There are two kinds of atrium in this project. One is the multi-purpose room. The yellow double-glazed glass wall system both allows people on the second floor and third floor to see what is happening inside the multi-purpose room and insolates the sounds in this space. Also, the beacon shape glass atrium also welcomes the visitors and navigates them here.

The other atrium is the gray space outside the ground floor, which is under the shadow of the large horizontal upper floors. People can drink coffee, wait for the uber or get a shelter from the rain here. The outside columns also function to separate the exterior spaces and the grey spaces softly.


The ground floor is mainly for the general reception area, event space, children’s and teen’s recreation space. The second floor is a large open space for Department Reception, computer resources library and two branches, Education and Employment Advice Center and Healthcare and Housing Advice Center, which are mainly separated by the atrium. The top floor is for Legal Advice Center and private offices.

The façade of ground floor and the second floor is mainly built with glass walls as the upper floors provides a sun-shading system. And the third floor is mainly built in U glass as it provides high light diffusion, light transmittance, translucent privacy for offices and good sound insulation from the traffic outside.

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